Laconneau offers the following articles in an effort to consider the women who lived and died fighting to reclaim women's equality in society. Today, their names have been lost in an educational system and a society that does not recognize their contributions, but by becoming aware of the actions of our foremothers, we have the opportunity to rediscover women's history. Read on to explore the lives of women past and present whose realities give a clear picture of women as warriors for a just and egalitarian world.

Esclarmonde de Foix:"The Fox of Foix"
The eleventh century was a time of great unrest among the nations of Europe: their world was changing and had being doing so for over two hundred years. Religious turmoil had become rife ... More >

Inez Milholland: Warrior for Women's Rights
A room full of young, progressive, feminist women and not a single person recognized her name. Her “work” embodied all that it meant to be a new woman, the core of which ...

Emmeline Pankhurst:"Votes for Women”
Emmeline Goulden was brought up in a middle class family in Manchester, England. She enjoyed the privileges of a holiday home, piano lessons, and four years schooling in France. Her parents were liberal thinkers, her mother was a keen abolitionist, and both were supporters of equal suffrage...
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Ida Wells-Barnett, Crusader for Justice
Ida B. Wells was born a slave in Holly Springs, Mississippi, on July 16, 1862, six months before the Emancipation Proclamation freed all of the slaves in the Confederate...
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Ann Marbury Hutchinson,
America's First Feminist

Born in England, Anne Marbury witnessed the religious persecution of her father, a deacon, then rector, who was twice imprisoned because he spoke out against the incompetence and lack of training of the Church... More>