The Laconneau Valkyrie Trek

Friday, September 16 – Saturday, September 24, 2022

The truth of each one of us is that, apart from the strictures we place upon ourselves through the twin mediums of fear and self-doubt, there are no limits to the wonders that we can accomplish in our lives. Sadly, very few of us ever come to know the truth of this. How do we learn to recognize the terrible twins of fear and doubt for the crippling illusions that they truly are? How do we learn to turn away from them, moving instead into the wide-open possibility that is our life? A wise man once said that we only truly start to live when we pass outside the cast iron confines of our comfort zone. We find a challenge and we overcome it. We find a limit and we push past it. This is the way of the warrior who knows that the toughest struggle she will ever face will be fought on the silent battlefield of her own heart. This has always been the way of our tradition. Day after day, we hike and climb hard with our sisters and eventually, through that experience, come to recognize that the woman we encounter on the mountain; the one we had always hoped, in some deep part of ourselves, would be there; has been within us all along! This fall, we are once again pleased to offer The Laconneau Valkyrie Trek. Why not join us and see what you will find among the beautiful mountains, fjords, and glaciers of Norway?

Total Ground Cost per Person: $2800

Accommodation: We will be in apartments on the mountains overlooking the town of Hemsedal.
Meals: The trip fee is based upon bed and breakast. Breakfast will be provided, and  participants will either purchase their own groceries and prepare dinner in their apartment or dine in town. 
Reservation: Please contact Alex at As space is limited, a deposit of $500.00 is required at time of booking. All reservations will be on a first come basis.

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