A Journey in Search of a Saint and Her Heretics.

Friday, May 17th – Saturday, May 25th, 2019

People frequently ask where did the Tradition called Laconneau originate? Who started it? What is its real history? Part of the answer to those questions lies in the Traditionís connection to the mountains of Southwestern France, a story inseparably intertwined with the Magdalene legend and the history of the Languedoc itself.

For over a millenium the Tradition has had a long, turbulent and, at times, bloody history. It has survived wars, crusades, invasion and centuries of persecution. It witnessed the blossoming of Occitan culture, and the rise and fall of Les Cathares, their tragic and deadly persecution, culminating in what is commonly perceived as their final extermination on the pyres of the Inquisition at Montsegur. The centuries that followed these terrible events saw the systematic destruction of Occitan culture at the hands of the Northern invaders and the Roman Catholic Inquisition, and the subsequent horrors and atrocities of the wars of religion. All through the centuries, silently and hidden in plain sight, Laconneau survived and continued its work, and its history and symbolism are written for all to see in the rocks and ruins of the Languedoc.

This Spring we are pleased to announce the Sentier de Laconneau, a journey aimed at taking its participants on a walk through the history of the Tradition and its connection to the Magdalene legend. In our view, a sentier is a journey undertaken, not in an air-conditioned coach, but rather on foot in a manner that allows the participant to truly experience the land and its history, so there will be opportunities for energetic hikes for those who feel so disposed, as well as moderate walks for those who prefer a less strenuous experience. Participants on the Sentier de Laconneau will visit the trails and mountains that have for so long been the Tradition’s home and perhaps in so doing even discover something of great value hidden deep within themselves. For full details of your trip please see Travel Destinations and Trip Costs, Terms and Conditions.

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