If one searches the dictionary for a definition of spiritual enlightenment one will usually find the following or a very similar variation thereof:

  • The enlightenment of somebody or a cause of the enlightening of somebody.
  • The condition of somebody who has been enlightened.
  • A state attained when the cycle of reincarnation ends and desire and suffering are transcended, or the achievement of this state.
For most people this is as far as their understanding or experience of Enlightenment goes. For over two millennia church and religious leaders have emphasized the “exclusivity” of this state, making it the province of those saints, holy men, and mystics who populate the history of most religions. The effect of this stance in practical terms has been to remove the achievement of this blissful state from the reach of the ordinary person. If you ask even the most dedicated practitioners of any spiritual discipline whether or not they think that it is possible to achieve Enlightenment in this life you are usually met with a rather rueful smile and a tentative answer such as “Oh I hope so. Maybe.” Or “Not in this life, but maybe the next.” And these answers from those who ARE actively seeking; what can we expect from those who are not?

But what if all of this was and is wrong? What if Enlightenment IS supposed to be achieved in one life? That to achieve it was and is the sole purpose for our existence? Our true soul purpose? What if Enlightenment were not the end but rather the beginning, the next stage in human evolution? Strange and complicated ideas one might say, but not really considering they are over two thousand years old and at the heart of the teaching of two of the most extraordinary spiritual teachers the world has ever known whose partnership has been the subject of violent controversy for millennia.

Join us as we explore the reality behind these teachings, the true legacy of Miryam, once called the Migdalah. Take a practical journey into the experience that is at the core of Enlightenment: the achievement of The Peace that defies all understanding.

Duration: One Day
Cost: $100