The Gospel of the Beloved Companion is the first English translation of a previously unpublished first-century gospel of the same name. Originally written in Alexandrian Greek, and brought from Egypt to the Languedoc during the early to middle part of the first century, this exceptional manuscript has been preserved within the author's spiritual community since that period. In this extraordinary book, the Gospel of the Beloved Companion comes alive to bring us a luminously poetic yet starkly objective insight into, and perhaps a new perspective on, the teachings and philosophy of one of the greatest spiritual teachers the world has ever known.

During this one-day introductory seminar on the Gospel, you will hear the Gospel read in its entirety and hear a full commentary and explanation of the teachings contained in this extraordinary manuscript by author and translator Jehanne de Quillan. You will also learn about the political and historical context of the turbulent times in which it was written.

Duration: One Day
Cost: $100

Editorial Book Reviews

"What a gift author and translator Jehanne de Quillan brings us in this extraordinary book! With this lucid translation and brief commentary, we encouter Yeshua, the fully human man whose words and presence touched, troubled, and transformed so many minds and hearts in his day. Whatever it was that people experienced in Yeshua's presence comes alive through the clear voice of an eyewitness who truly grasped Yeshua's teachings and embodied them. Miriam the Migdalah, the Beloved Companion, brings us to the heart of Yeshua's message and, if we have the ears to hear, then all things are made new. Miriam's telling of the gospel story will change forever the way Christians read and understand 'the good news'."
~Kathy Spaar is a Spritual Director and is the coordinator of the Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage at the Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC.

"In translating and publishing the Gospel of the Beloved Companion, Jehanne de Quillan has made a remarkable contribution that reaches far beyond just the field of medieval Occitan culture. Although she claims she is not a scholar, de Quillan, with technical accuracy, lays out a flawlessly logical and philosophically sound argument for accepting that this document is indeed the true Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and possibly even the original manuscript upon which other gospels, both canonical and gnostic, are based. In studying the Gospel of the Beloved Companion, one detects a singular and startlingly clear voice, speaking the truth of what the writer has experienced in the company of her teacher, and through that voice we see emerge a picture of both the man called Yeshua, and the philosophy that he taught, that is starkly different from the religion we today call Christianity."
~Rai d'Honore, Ph.D., is a doctor of Medieval French Literature and the Interim Director of the Language Academy at East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.