The Laconneau Autumn Festival
November 2 – 4, 2018
Woodstock, VT

For women who have completed the Level I Course or "Enlightenment" Seminar

The Laconneau Autumn Festival is a rich and deeply meaningful time. Through this festival, we remember the One we serve as well as all those women of courage, our sisters throughout the ages, whose courage and self-sacrifice has allowed us to participate in this rich inheritance. We remember them not in sorrow but in joy, for this is the time of Samhain and the inward journey, the giving up of the old life in the sure knowledge of rebirth.

In full awareness of the disturbing changes that are taking place on a daily basis in the world around us, never in recent memory has there been a time when it has been more vitally important for strong women everywhere to join together in an attempt to find a real solution which truly reflects women’s values and their aspirations for the future.
This year, we will continue to hold the Autumn Festival in the old way and in full accord with the principles of our Tradition. The Autumn Festival will be hosted in Woodstock, Vermont. Come join us in Woodstock for this wonderful weekend of comradeship, discussion, feminine spirituality and festivities. Lend your voice to the power and love of sisters such as yourself who feel a burning need to see change in this world.
Festival Fee: $275.00

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